OPUS-ISM Pharmacy Management Systems


OPUS-ISM is a leading provider of pharmacy management systems to independent, chain, outpatient and institutional pharmacies. OPUS-ISM has been in business for over 20 years and currently has over 1000 clients.

OPUS-ISM is recognized as a leader in technology and customer service. Since its inception, the company’s management has been squarely focused on serving the customer.

“Everything at OPUS-ISM revolves around serving the customer – whether it’s our technical support answering a question on how to process a claim or developing new modules like Profit Maximizer – they all come out of the same process of continually asking ourselves how we can better serve our clients” – Doug Robertson, CEO


For over 20 years, OPUS-ISM has been providing pharmacies with innovative technology and support that improve pharmacy efficiency and profitability. Developed from a pharmacist’s perspective, all OPUS-ISM products are intuitive for pharmacists and recognized for their ease-of-use. We ALWAYS work closely with our customers to provide the hardware, software, and support to meet their specific needs.

OPUS-ISM provides a robust, modular system that can be configured to meet any pharmacy’s needs. New customers will probably want to explore our “Turnkey Configurations” to see a complete OPUS-ISM solution for different kinds of pharmacies. Existing customers should explore “Individual Modules” to learn about  additional modules that may improve their efficiency and profitability.

Indepdent Pharmacies
Chain Pharmacies
Hospitals and Clinics
Institutional & Long
Term Care Facilities

Optional Modules

Multi-level security, advanced reporting, and a host of other features give you one of the most dynamic POS systems available. More…

Refill Management
Batch process all opt-in patient refills on their appropriate due date. Track patient prescriptions by expiration date, drug categories, and insurance carriers. More…

Supply Monitoring
Automated prescription inventory control system monitors and updates your inventory in real-time helping to reduce unnecessary expenditures. More…

Patient Loyalty
Patient loyalty programs offers your cash patients discounts to popular medications and gives them incentive to return to your store. More…

Lets you scan, store, and retrieve prescriptions electronically. Also allows you to attach images to system data. More…

Signature Capture
Electronic signature capture module allows you to attach patient signatures to prescription records. More…

Claims Processing
The fastest claims engine in the industry processing claims in 2-6 seconds. More…

24/7 Refill Ordering
Patients order refills by phone 24/7 reducing interruptions and administrative work. More…

Laser Labels
For professional labels, monographs, and bar coding for prescriptions. More…

Nutri-Link Database
Screens medications for drug/nutrient depletions and details effects of herbs and vitamins in conjunction with patient’s prescriptions. Also helps increase supplement sales. More…

Secure ID Cards
Electronic ID cards promote prescription accuracy and employee accountability. More…

Med Identify (New York Only)
Medicaid card swiping identifies your patient and expedites the prescription filling process. More…

Advanced Reporting
Provides the ability to sort and review patient, prescription and revenue data by numerous criteria. More…

Web-based pharmacy management system. More…

Electronic Prescription Transmission
Transmit prescriptions electronically between physician offices and your pharmacy. More…

Order Monitoring
Automates and expedites purchase order processing. Works in conjunction with Supply Monitoring. More…

Automated Drug Updates
Instantly updates your system with new drug data. More…

Profit Maximizer
A Plug-in to MulticapXP™ - Automated Tool Resubmits Claims to Third Parties, Ensuring You Receive All the Revenue that is Due to You. More…

To order or to get more information, Call 800-835-6787 or Click to Email
For technical support Call 800-835-6787 or Email support@opus-ism.com

Website:  www.opus-ism.com


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